Sasha (feverof_fate) wrote in nikki_daily,

UHQ Caps of Nikki in Twilight [x 376!]

Hi guys! I just finished capping all of Nikki's scenes as Rosalie Hale in Twilight. I used an HD version of the movie, 720p, so all the caps are super large and high quality, 1700x750 pixels. I also zipped them up and uploaded them in a batch for those icon / fan art creators amongst you who want to download all the caps.

Check under the cut for a sample! :)

--> View Gallery [x 376 caps]
--> Download Zip File [ 114.7 MB in size]

PS: I'm capping the rest of the movie in this quality as well - keep an eye on if you're interested, I'll post it there when I'm finished!
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March 18 2009, 17:15:04 UTC 7 years ago

That bland hair is so not rockin... she looks amazing as a brunette... she has chocolate brown hair in Chain Letter...